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At the academy the students have the opportunity to gain fantastic educational qualifications that can help them to progress into further education or careers. These include: England Boxing's Diploma in Sporting Excellence and BTEC in Sports science.

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- The Training at the JG Academy is designed to give aspiring elite boxers a chance to train full time and gain vital educational qualifications.

- The boxers can expect a variation of training methods within the core boxing sessions which incorporate Bag work, Pad work, sparring and technical and tactical enhancement through variations in conditioned and technical sparring formats.  

- As part of the training the boxers will also be subject to strength and conditioning which again incorporate various training methods such as resistance, plyometric and conditioning training session which are all designed to improve the physical attributes of the athletes. 


- At the academy all the sessions are designed to improve boxers tactical, technical and athletic attributes. We aim to do this through various training methods as mentioned above and the aim of these sessions is to meet the specific needs of each boxer.

- This helps to improve the boxers development within their club and aid their competitive aspirations. when a boxer starts on the course we look to analyse their individual qualities and through appropriate training methods develop these qualities in order to achieve success within boxing.

- Over their time on the course we expect each boxer to develop their physical, technical and tactical attributes and have appropriate knowledge of how these attributes can be developed through appropriate training methods to achieve success. 

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